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guppy baby tank question

Planning on breeding fish or already breeding them.

guppy baby tank question

Postby kazoo » Fri Mar 06, 2015 8:04 am

as some of you ("anyone? anyone?") may remember, i am now a guppy grandparent.
i managed to save four of the babies (the mom-to-be had a doula with her in the hatchery *lol* - another female who'll soon give birth as well, hopefully, and they feasted upon most of the newborns during the night, before i got up to see if the babies had arrived), and they are now happily swimming around in a small (20 liter) plastic tank.

i read somewhere that i shouldn't put any sand in the tank, because without the sand it'd be easier to find any babies that didn't make it.

so, the four survivors are now about one centimeter in length, and they are eating and swimming around, being all cute and healthy.

but their tank looks so BORING.
since they're going to be living in that kindergarten tank for a while before they're allowed in the deeper end of the pool aka the 160/42 gallon tank; do you think i could put some sand in there, and maybe a plant or two?
the babies are safe now, right?
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Re: guppy baby tank question

Postby Graeme » Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:30 am

They would appreciate some hiding spaces so even if you put in a plastic ornament or plant that would be good. Real plants would be better. Don't worry about not finding one if you loose one. The ammonia spike would be insignificant with such a tiny body and the high level of water changes you're doing.
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