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Fish Breeding - Taking a step further in the hobby !

Planning on breeding fish or already breeding them.

Fish Breeding - Taking a step further in the hobby !

Postby NightwishRaven999 » Thu May 28, 2009 8:16 pm

We all know that fish keeping is a very fun and educational hobby.
Nowadays there are so many different fish species available to hobbyists like ourselves.
Many plant species are also readily available to us at various fish shops.

Arranging your tank setup, growing plants and caring for your different tropical fish, all this comes together to form one of the best hobbies.
But you can even take a step further in the fish keeping hobby !

Fish breeding is a strange concept to some.
But the feeling of watching a pair of egglayers spawn and care for their brood is one of the most amazing things. Even after dozens of successful breedings, the same feeling of awe and respect for nature and tropical fish stays the same.

Watching your fish breed is observing something very special.
Most fish will only breed if kept under the right conditions and if your tank adequatly simulates their wild habitat (biotope)

Undertaking fish breeding as a project is very rewarding.
This said, I thought we could name a few species, that are fun and easy to spawn.

I can think of a few who are easily found and easily bred.

These dwarf cichlids, make great community fish.
They love a planted tank and will spawn in coconut shells or in rocky caves.
They are one of the most beautiful fish available and care for their young ones very well.

-Convict, Rainbow and Firemouth Cichlids-
These three are among the most prolific fish in the hobby.
Rather aggressive, idealy they should be kept in pairs for spawning.
They are all quite beautiful and spawn under almost any conditions.
They prefer to lay their eggs on smooth stones or pieces of soft driftwood.
They are among the best parents and usually have large broods.

-Jewel Cichlids-
These are definatly not community fish and should be kept in pairs for spawning.
They are even more pugnacious then the three fish mentioned above but make great parent nonetheless. They are usually bright red in color and spawn much like Convicts and Firemouths.

-Acaras and Aquidens-
Members of these cichlid families are rather peaceful.
They are often beautiful and do not bother plants.
They are moderatly prolific but will spawn readily in the right conditions.
Prefering soft acidic water, they will spawn on smooth stones and care for their brood very well.

These are only a few of the species I can come up with.
* I did not include any of the Appistograma species.
Although many of them (Ramerizi, Agassizi, Cacatoides, Borelli) are rather easy to spawn,
the fry are small and harder to raise. Their eggs are also more prone to fungus then usual.
This is why I have not included any of those species on here.


Feel free to add to this list !
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