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Aggressive Angelfish (solution/speculation)

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Re: Aggressive Angelfish (solution/speculation)

Postby EMc » Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:01 pm

I've only kept scalare, but I found them generally to be peaceful in community tanks- sometimes causing problems during spawning when hormones were raging. Then, only w/ other angels if more than one mated pair were present in a tank. Singularly, they were never a problem.

It's funny, tho'- their personalities could change. I once had two mated pairs that lived together w/o much problem, grew into lovely, large adults & frequently spawned (tho' I rarely saw fry & those were quickly gobbled up). One of the females was very dominate & aggressive. When her mate died, I was left w/ the trio & happily, they all lived together fairly well. The dominant female remained in that role- more aggressive to the other female than to the male. They all lived long lives & when the last male died, I was left w/ only the 2 females. Interestingly, the less dominate one became more dominate. The power shifted to complete equality.

I now have only one angel (Peruvian) which I kept w/ a juvenile Salvini cichlid for a while. In the beginning, the much larger angel was the dominant fish, but as the sal grew, his predator genes expressed themselves strongly & I had to move them into different tanks. I had hoped that they would manage to live together- it's a fairly long tank (4 foot) & well planted, w/ plenty of hiding spots/ shelter. But, that was not to be.
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