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UV film

PostPosted: Sun Jul 05, 2015 9:50 pm
by Bedbug
Has anyone put UV plastic film on their tank?

The side of my tank is 5 ft. from the window. That side and part of the back has algae as do the plastic plants and hiding places on that end of the tank.
One can buy UV film for house windows and cars that stop up to 90% UV light.

Looking at options.
1. Cover the side of the tank with back ground paper. Don't know if UV goes through it. also could not see into the tank on that side.
2. use UV film. Not sure what that will do either. You can see through the UV film. It may act like a mirror for the fish.
3. Put on back ground then UV film so fish do not see reflections. Again could not see in end of tank.

Re: UV film

PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 6:20 am
by Graeme
Hello Bedbug. I don't know if UV film will prevent the algae growing but it will let most of the visible light part of the spectrum into your tank. Photosynthesis works at all frequencies, except green, so there's a very good chance that it won't help. I think that blocking the light altogether will be the best option but you could always experiment with the UV film. Science is fun!

Re: UV film

PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:39 pm
by malakye
A solid back ground on the side will be fine on its own rather than the UV film. Downside is that yes it will mean you can't see through that side but the UV film would still leave you struggling with algae.