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How do you look after Ramshorn Snails

PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:29 pm
by Citrus17
My ramshorn blue, red and pink snails have laid three egg sacks in my goldfish aquarium, my little niece and nephew want to see how they hatch so I followed a school project forum and placed the eggs on the plant leaves they were laid on in a large pickling jar. The water in the jar I scooped out of my snail tank. So the water is the same.

I just have a few questions that I'd be so grateful if you could answer:

1. How long will they take to hatch?
2. I don't know what plant they are on, but what do I feed them when they hatch?
3. How big will they be when they hatch?
4. How do you ship snails? (If I get over run I wish to sell a few.)
5. How much do I sell them for?
6. My baby fancy goldfish Valentino and George are trying to eat my snails, the snails are way to big for their mouths but will they eventually stop picking on them?
7. When are the snails mature enough to breed?
8. And finally, (sorry for all the questions) how long do they live for?

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Re: How do you look after Ramshorn Snails

PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2014 7:17 am
by Graeme
Hello Citrus17 and welcome to the forum.

A ramshorn will normally start reproducing within 4 weeks of being born if well fed. It lays a small gelatin like patch of eggs on any surface. After 10-20 days (depending on temperature) these will hatch.

They will eat algae, detritus, and parboiled or raw vegetables. They will eat catfish wafers and fish flakes. So I wouldn't worry about feeding the newly hatched if you have them in a Goldfish tank there will be plenty for them to eat in there already. Goldfish are very inquisitive and will eat whatever they can, Valentino and George won't stop eating the newly hatched ones but they will probably breed faster than they can be eaten.

Don't know how much you can sell them for. You'll have to check out how much others are selling them for and approach it with a supply and demand strategy. There are various different packaging types but this will eat into your profit! Try Ebay.

Not sure how long lived they are.

Can you have another go at posting a picture please.