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General advice for my tank

If you are new to the hobby.

General advice for my tank

Postby Afen91 » Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:59 am

Hi to anyone who looks at this, and thank you for your time :-):

I bought a tank from a selling page (previously had fish in it) which was 3ft high octagonal shaped. I had a heater, air pump & carbon rock, filter and a few ornaments.

As I was concerned about the health of the fish which was in there prior I did a bit of research and cleaned the tank with just water and all the stuff that came with it. Also I didn't think that the tank had the correct filter as it was only small 250l per hour. So I went a purchased a bigger one. 650l per hour, what does everyone recommend with filters? The temperature never drops below 28 and never goes above 32.

After all that was done I filled the tank and left it running for about a week before I put any fish in there. I then went out an bought :

-tinfoil barb
-silver dollar
-rainbow shark
-silver shark
- gold gourami
- 4x sailfin Molly's
- blue lobster

We knew buying these fish that they were all of the similar size, except the tinfoil which would eventually be our biggest fish. The lobster is very territorial and so is the Bircher. We soon found that out when we put them in and quickly separated them and now have a fake hanging plant in the same tank where they live fine together without any fighting. Because its such a tall tank and not a large base we have had to keep a very close eye on all the fish. We had a few cases of fin rot where 3 Molly's had to go. And the dollar got it but soon recovered. We tested our tank and had a high nitrate content and purchased aqua safe and cleaned our tank on a more frequent bases. Touch wood we have no fin rot anymore and the remaining Molly is still alive!

A few questions I have if anyone could advise.
I would like to have some living plants in there but what could I put in which would be good for my fish. Also is there any type of living hanging plant?
Is my tank overcrowded?
My lobster has shed his skin once, how often should he do this? And any health tips for a blue lobster?
What fish would live well with my fish?

Thank you,

Re: General advice for my tank

Postby malakye » Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:33 pm

I cant think of any living hanging plants, plants usually grow upwards.
I would seriously think about rehoming the birchir and possibly the krayfish/lobster. Both get mean. Birchirs will eat anything that fits in their mouths and they have huge mouths, mollys will become easy prey. My friend just had to move their lobster which was attacking and killing oscars. It is now living in a 4ft tank by itself. It is about 8-9 inches and will take on anything.
I would also turn your temperature down. 28 should be the top limit. I only recommend someone turn a heater to 30 to treat for whitespot, once that is cleared it should be turned back down.
The height of the tank is not as important as the surface area so you may already overstocked, I wouldn't recommend other fish until you can tell us the base size of your tank, if all the sides are equal just measure one and give us that and the height and we can work out the rest from there.
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Re: General advice for my tank

Postby Big Den » Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:36 am

The only fish you have that are suitable for your tank are the gourami and sailfin mollies, the rest are way too big. The rainbow shark for instance, grows to around 7 inches and will attempt to kill any other fish in the tank. The tinfoil barbs can grow to more than 15", the silver shark 10"+, the silver dollar 8"+, the birchir 15"+. The only thing I know about the lobster is that it will attempt to eat anything it can lay its pincers on.
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