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Sick Melanochromis Auratus

Need some help or advice quickly.

Sick Melanochromis Auratus

Postby fishymike » Fri May 09, 2014 7:42 pm

Hi guys,

Hopefully someone could help with this problem.

I'm worried about one of my cichlids. It's a female Melanochromis Auratus, she was acting very docile and not eating a few days ago. Then some of the others started picking on her so I setup a hospital tank. Today I have noticed her tail has a cotton like fungus on it and now red. All my other fish are in great condition and fins etc are immaculate. Here's a pic of her tail. If you can help It'll be much appreciated. Regards. Mike. I am also treating the hospital tank with Seachem Paraguard,

I'll boot up PC now and update with some nice clear pictures.

Thanks in advance.
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